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شحن فيبوكس مجانا

What is fortnite v-bucks and how to use it?

Fortnite, like the rest of the famous battle royale games, contains fortnite in-game currency that players can use to spend in many ways. Such as buying skins and costumes for characters and weapons, axes as well. You can use Fibox to buy dances and emotes, and also so as not to forget the battle card, or as it is called the Battle Pass.

It is worth noting that you cannot recover the value of unused v-bucks cash, as it is not transferable between EPIC Games accounts . Every fortnite content you purchased with your vbucks money will be available to all devices linked to your fortnite account. You can buy it in the game Fortnite.

شحن فيبوكس مجانا

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شحن فيبوكس مجانا

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